ZARA MCFARLANE – “Fussing and Fighting”


45 years on, we are still fussin and fightin. So, is this version justified?

Zara McFarlane brings reflective pauses the Wailers could not afford.

Production epic sheens absent from Rita Marley’s roots rendition.

It won’t fall but, under burdens of tribulation, what of us?

Building tension through percussion, pace lacks notices.

Devoid of overconfidence, deep gravity pulls ring on.

The all-female choruses brings understatement.

Still, we hold on.



ROBERT PLANT – “Carry Fire”


We stand, we sacrifice and still, limits are there, they show.

The fires we carry on catch us up, so we might get burned.

Just like the truth stands in-between our consummation.



SIMON LAW feat. CARON WHEELER – “Morning Love”


Ebbing and flowing from the Funki Dreads, the best of the bunch.

Caron Wheeler still breezes, among melodies.

I wonder why this was not released in 1992.

It reminds me of Bee Gees’ early disco years.

Simon Law ahead of curves, still grooving on.

If I lack what to say, fair enough. Let love be.



DRASTIC & SHYA – “Where I’m From (My People)”


Where I’m From? Antigua and Barbuda.

I wonder if they were from elsewhere.

We would be paying far more attention.



CLAMS CASINO feat. KELELA – “A Breath Away”


Once again, Kelela rocks the accommodated divas party.

Clams Casino fosters fluid riddims for her hitting fragility.

Bring an end to egotrips through evergreen movement.



(Carlos Frederico Pereira da Silva Gama)





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