TONY TIXIER – “Denial of Love”


Who is not ready for love in any capacity never reaches the uncompromising quietness underneath the infinite.



TONY ALLEN – “Politely”


Generously nuanced, this tribute to Art Blakey and Jazz Messengers.

Bursting through expectations with amberlike vision.

From the Afrobeat legend, one of the greats.

He should be convinced to record one of this kind every year or so.



YOUNG RJ – “Right Now”


We don’t miss Rihanna right now.

There is an apt army of substitutes with subtler textures to boost.

So let me take you to the showdown…I wanna whistle at the moon today…before I get the blues.



FRANZ FERDINAND – “Always Ascending”


Franz Ferdinand impersonation of the year…apart from U2.  Progression by fall.

Never gonna result. Never gonna result. Never gonna result .



DUKE SPIRIT – “Magenta”


If Gish rolled evergreen against the grain of expectations in 2017…

If we wanted a new Garbage (we still need the good ole one)…

If Florence & The Machine were laid to rest redundant…

If there was still time for Hillary to recap the swing states…

If there was no sign of Brexit on the horizon…

This would have been song of the year.



Carlos Frederico Pereira da Silva Gama visited 44 cities across 14 countries in 2017 (there are people who think there is nothing to do there. If they dared, they would see there is more to their lives than arrogant folly.)


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