(from Hartfield-Jackson Airport, Atlanta, Georgia, US)




There was no place for this in 2017.

It could never be a home.

Therefore, we put the year aside.



US – “You’re The Best Thing About Me”


The best thing about the new lead single from U2 is humility…and some unexpected dependency.

Instead of drenching the zeitgeist in megalomania, the Irish Beatles bow down to their audience.

The undeliable chorus comes across a hint of populism for the Trump era. Fab Four would approve.



KEE OF HEARTS – “The Storm”


Frontiers Records pushing on heartbreaking tissues.

Long live we love you.



NEW ROSES – “Thirsty”


41 years ago the Damned unleashed Punk Rock with ‘New Rose‘.

In 2017, New Roses keep on sallivating. Brief, brutish.

Axl Rose…just a sucker there days.



BLOSSOMS – “Blown Rose”


If only Arctic Monkees could be Hollies

It would be lovely baby.



Carlos Frederico Pereira da Silva Gama

never listened the Anitta CD she was giving away at PUC-Rio’s entrance back in 2009.

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